A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers
A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers


Nebraska State Treasurer's Office
Unclaimed Property Divison
Director: Meaghan Aguirre, Unclaimed Property Coordinator
Office phone: (402) 471-8497
809 P Street Lincoln, NE 68508
Unclaimed Property website: https://treasurer.nebraska.gov/up/

Dormancy Periods

The following dormancy periods are listed in years, unless otherwise noted.

Savings: 5
Checking: 5
Non-bank Money Orders: 7
Certificates of Deposit: 5
Official Bank Checks/MO: 5
Safe Deposit Boxes: 5
Travelers Checks: 15
Life Insurance Matured: 5
Otherwise: 5
All: 5
Casualty: 5
Utility Deposits: 3
Utility Refunds: 3
Dividends: 5
Securities: 5
Debt (bonds): 5
Dissolution/Liquidation: 2
Fiduciaries: 5
Wages: 1
State Courts/Agencies: 3
Federal Courts/Agencies: No provision
Mineral Proceeds: 3
All Other Property: 5
IRA Keogh: 5
Gift Certificate: 3* The dormancy period for general-use prepaid cards is five years after the last transaction initiated by the card owner.
Credit Memos: 3
Vendor-Vendor Payments: 5
Aggregate Amount: N/A
Notes: Statute now allows the deferral of reporting for remittances of less than $50. A holder may carry over any property year to year until the first year the holder has $50 to report. The property is not exempted from reporting, simply delayed when only smaller amounts are held. This deferral applies when the report as a whole is less than $50, not the individual property amounts.

Reporting and Payment Due Dates

The following indicates the report and payment due dates for the various property types.

Report Due—Life Insurance: May 1
Report Due—All Others: November 1
Payment Due—Life Insurance: May 1
Payment Due—All Others: November 1
Negative Report Required: No

Electronic Reporting Capability Schedule

The following indicates which types of reporting formats are accepted by this state.

Diskette: No
Tape: No
Cartridge: No
CD: No
NAUPA Format: Yes
Comments: All reports should be submitted online. Either through https://treasurer.nebraska.gov/up/holder-reporting/ or UPExchange

Information contained in the NAUPA QRP States Unclaimed Property Monitoring Service is for informational and reference purposes only. This information may not be copied or reproduced in any capacity without the express written consent of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators®. Liability arising from the reliance on any information contained in the material presented, which may prove to be inaccurate or incomplete, is specifically disclaimed. Contact each state unclaimed property agency for verification should a question or concern arise.