A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers
A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers

Find and Claim your Unclaimed Property

Claim Your Found Property

Complete the process to claim your cash or property

Once you have found a match for unclaimed property via your state, MissingMoney.com, or another source, then you’ll need to complete the process to claim your missing money!

Next steps: File your claim and prove your ownership

Both searching for and claiming your unclaimed property are free, provided you go through the official government program of the state holding the property.  The claims process should be straightforward, but—as to be expected with claims of cash or property—it will require you to provide proof of ownership.

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What to expect (process overview)

While the claims process varies from state-to-state, the following outlines the general process for claiming missing money.

Initiate the claim

Follow the instructions provided by the state holding the property for initiating the claim. In most cases, this can be done online and as part of the online property search.

Prove your ownership

You will be asked to provide proof of ownership of the unclaimed property, which may consist of several documents. Be sure to provide all requested materials to avoid a delay in processing.

Wait for processing

Once you have submitted your claim, the unclaimed property department for the state will verify your ownership and process the claim. Some states complete this process in less than 30 days.

Receive your missing money check!

Once your claim has been processed successfully, you should receive a check for the unclaimed property amount (if monetary) or the actual property (if tangible).

Examples of ownership documentation

Each state is unique in what types of evidence they will require to process a claim.  In addition, requirements can vary depending on if the claim is for an individual, business, joint owner, or other.  In general, you will need to provide:

United States proof of ID, passport, social security, drivers license, birth certificate