A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers

About the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators

Leadership and Strategic Plan

Oversight by leaders in state treasuries and governments

NAUPA is governed by its Executive Committee, consisting primarily of leaders in state treasuries and public-sector governments across the United States. As the foremost authority on unclaimed property, NAUPA facilitates collaboration among administrators in their efforts to reunite unclaimed property with the rightful owner.

NAUPA Strategic Plan for 2018–2022

NAUPA’s strategic plan outlines the strategies, goals, and objectives through 2022 to achieve NAUPA’s overall mission of reuniting unclaimed property with its rightful owners.

NAUPA Executive Committee

2021 NAUPA Executive Committee

Dave Young
Hon. David Young
State of Colorado
Kathleen Lobell
Senior Vice President
Kathleen Lobell
Director of Unclaimed Property
Louisiana Department of the Treasury
Kathy Janes
Kathy Janes
Director of Unclaimed Property
Oklahoma Treasury
Immediate Past President
Mark William Bracken, JD
Assistant Treasurer and Director of Unclaimed Property
Massachusetts Treasury

Regional Vice Presidents

Southern Region
Josh Wood
Compliance Officer
Office of the Arkansas Auditor of State

Western Region
Ingrid Bolen
Idaho State Treasury

Midwestern Region
Meaghan Aguirre
Unclaimed Property Coordinator
Nebraska State Treasurers’ Office

Eastern Region
Maria Greenslade
Assistant Treasurer
Connecticut State Treasurer’s Office

Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Paris Ervin
Director of Communications
Illinois Treasury

*Amy Hendrix
Director of Unclaimed Property Division
Office of Indiana Attorney General

Uniformity and Standardization
John Gabriel
Director of Unclaimed Property
Tennessee Treasury

*Allen Martin
Assistant Deputy Treasurer
North Carolina Department of State Treasurer

Allen Mayer
Chief of Staff
Illinois Treasury

Jeff Chetkauskas
Asst. Director of Internal Operations
Maine Office of the State Treasurer

*Jennifer Brown
Asst. Director, Compliance Services
New York State Comptroller’s Office

Auditors Working Group
*Danielle Anthony
Auditor III
Nevada State Treasurer’s Office


Ashton Kulavic
Examinations Audit Manager, Auditors Group Chair
Illinois State Treasurers’ Office

Claudia Ciobanu
Trust Property Manager
Oregon Department of State Lands

NAST Corporate Affiliate Advisory Board Representative
Ken Wagers
Client Information Services
Kelmar Associates LLC