A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers
A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers

Report Unclaimed Property (for Businesses)

Reporting Overview

We help businesses ensure compliance per state law 

Businesses and organizations across the United States are required to identify and report their unclaimed property in the state to which the organization resides.  We provide information and resources to help you successfully report unclaimed property and remain compliant.

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Become familiar with your state's requirements

Laws and reporting deadlines vary by state

Each state has its own statutes guiding the reporting of unclaimed property by business and organizations, and the laws are constantly changing.  NAUPA remains active in the legislative process across the United States to help ensure individuals, businesses, and organizations are protected by unclaimed property laws and statutes.

More information on laws and statutes per state are available via each state’s official unclaimed property program website.  View a listing of state programs

Reporting process at a glance

While each state is unique, the general reporting process consists of the following three steps:

Identify unclaimed property

When property reaches the end of the dormancy period (established by the state) with no contact with the owner, then—by law—the organization must identify and report the unclaimed property.

Attempt to contact the owner

Organizations must make a good-faith effort to reach the owner of the property before turning it over to the state for safekeeping. Attempts may be made by letters, phone calls, electronic communications, or other methods.

Report property to the state

If no contact with the owner has been made, then the organization must prepare and submit to the state an unclaimed property report. Most states require that the report follow the NAUPA standard format and specifications.

Access reporting information for each state

For your convenience, NAUPA provides full state profiles

NAUPA Standard Electronic File Format

For more than two decades, NAUPA has established and approved a set of codes in a uniform format to make electronic reporting more consistent. This is especially beneficial to organizations who file reports in multiple states.  

Free Holder Reporting Software

There are numerous private holder reporting software options on the market. It is important to select software which will produce a report in the NAUPA standard electronic format. State unclaimed property programs accept the free reporting software HRS Pro (basic version), which produces a report in NAUPA standard electronic format.

Other Resources

NAUPA Holder Request For Reimbursement Form
Form and instructions to submit a reimbursement request to all NAUPA member unclaimed property programs.

NAUPA Holder Reporting Recommendations for Unclaimed IRAs
On January 1, 2020, The Internal Revenue Service’s Revenue Ruling 2018-17 went into effect concerning withholding and reporting taxes with respect to payments from Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”) to state unclaimed property programs. Holders reporting these properties should make use of the NAUPA Standard Deduction and Withholding code “TW” to represent “Income Tax Withheld.”