A Network of the National Association of State Treasurers

North Carolina

Department of the State Treasurer
Unclaimed Property Division
Director: Brenda Williams, Deputy Treasurer
Office phone: (919) 814-4200
3200 Atlantic Avenue Raleigh, NC 27604
Unclaimed Property website: https://www.nccash.com/

Dormancy Periods

The following dormancy periods are listed in years, unless otherwise noted.

Savings: 5
Checking: 5
Non-bank Money Orders: 7
Certificates of Deposit: 10
Official Bank Checks/MO: 7
Safe Deposit Boxes: 2
Travelers Checks: 15
Life Insurance Matured: 3
Otherwise: 5
All: 5
Casualty: 5
Utility Deposits: 1
Utility Refunds: 1
Dividends: 3
Securities: 3
Debt (bonds): 3
Dissolution/Liquidation: 1
Fiduciaries: 5
Wages: 1
State Courts/Agencies: 1
Federal Courts/Agencies: 1
Mineral Proceeds: 5
All Other Property: 5
IRA Keogh: 3
Gift Certificate: 3* 60% if certificate has expiration date; exempt if no expiration date
Credit Memos: 5* 3 years if result of a retail business transaction.
Vendor-Vendor Payments: * Refer to State law for specific information. Vendor to Vendor credit balances are exempt Vendor to Vendor checks have a 5 year dormancy.
Aggregate Amount: 50

Reporting and Payment Due Dates

The following indicates the report and payment due dates for the various property types.

Report Due—Life Insurance: May 1
Report Due—All Others: November 1
Payment Due—Life Insurance: May 1
Payment Due—All Others: November 1
Negative Report Required: No

Electronic Reporting Capability Schedule

The following indicates which types of reporting formats are accepted by this state.

Diskette: No
Tape: No
Cartridge: No
CD: No
NAUPA Format: No
Comments: Upload a Report or Enter a Manual Report on Reporting Website. UpExchange accepted, .hde files not accepted

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