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Thank you for your interest in the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Please select from the following options.  View Recent Legislation and Policy Learn more about how NAUPA is protecting citizens’ unclaimed property rights I have a media-related inquiry Contact our communications team for information and statistics regarding all aspects of unclaimed property I … Read more

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information  This page contains links to each state’s website where you can find the most up-to-date information about how each state is responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  NAUPA encourages states administrators, holders, and the public to remain patient and flexible with regards to reporting and claims processing as business processes are likely to be … Read more

Call for Proposals

Deadline for Submissions is January 10th! 2020 Treasury Management Training Symposium  Call for Proposals Whether you’re an unclaimed property office with an innovative new program to show off, a private sector partner with new technology and ideas, or just want to suggest a topic to learn more about – we need your help to build the program for the 2020 Treasury Management … Read more

Claiming vs. Reporting

Businesses report unclaimed property so you can find and claim yours.  Claiming and reporting are two essential components of the unclaimed property cycle. Businesses and organizations report unclaimed property as part of their accounting processes.  However, anyone can search for and claim their missing money. Claiming and Reporting Quick Reference Reporting (for Businesses and Organizations) … Read more

How States Return Missing Money

States return over a billion dollars annually  The state treasurers and other officials who administer the unclaimed property programs have developed many powerful and effective methods for locating owners.  Each state may use any or all of the following to connect owners with their unclaimed property. Official government websites States offer free online searches of … Read more

Is it really free to search?

Yes! It is free to search for and claim your missing money!  There is no fee to search for and claim your unclaimed property—if you use your official state program. Each state has laws and unclaimed property programs that make this service available to its citizens. IMPORTANT: There are, however, third-party “finders” that may offer … Read more

What is unclaimed property?

The U.S. has billions of dollars in unclaimed property  Do you have unclaimed cash or property waiting for you? Approximately 1 in 10 people do! There are literally billions of dollars in unclaimed property, held by state governments and treasuries within the United States. It’s free to search for yours. We’re here to help. What … Read more